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Online Virtual Exhibition Gallery

The online virtual exhibition gallery provides an immersive experience. Free from the constraints of in-person exhibitions, viewers gain a better understanding of exhibition contents.

Bilingual AR Interactive Learning Experience

A bilingual interactive AR learning experience encourages exploration through the playing of games, which are based on the integration of the virtual and the real. This is part of the museum’s effort to establish new technology-based learning experiences.

An American instructor, Cheryl Robbins, teaches a series of professional training workshops to enhance the English-language guiding skills of museum staff and volunteers.

During these workshops, museum guides participate in group discussions and on-stage presentations.

Hsieh Wenhsing, an English-language guide in this museum, shares her experience.

Group photo of participants and instructor

Bilingual Professional Guide Training

The museum’s English-language guides take part in professional training courses to strengthen their guiding skills.


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