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Keeping the Drug Demons and Monsters Away

Anti-Drug and Folklore Special Exhibition

Messages about the dangers of substance abuse are combined with folklore in this unique anti-drug special exhibition. Commonly abused substances are portrayed as monsters, such as heroin, amphetamines, ecstasy, marijuana, ketamine, drug-laced instant coffee packets, nitrous oxide, and super glue, while common reasons people try drugs are portrayed as demons, such as curiosity, making friends, and relieving stress or boredom.

Ways to avoid or guard against attacks by these drug monsters and demons are also introduced based on relevant folklore: warding off the evils of drug use to protect the brain, drug monster-revealing mirror, detoxification amulet, and the help of Zhong Kui, a vanquisher of evil beings. Folk beliefs related to hell and fortune telling and divination practices are also incorporated into this exhibition. Through puzzles and games, important information about drug addiction and harmful drugs is provided. In this educational and entertaining special exhibition, visitors gain the knowledge needed to avoid the misfortunes of drug addiction.